“Her Healthy Life” is a public education campaign to let women know about easy steps they can take to improve their health. By eating right, exercising and not smoking, you can reduce your risk for many diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and lung cancer. You can begin all of these health improvement steps on your own. This Web site gives you more information and resources for more help.

The campaign is sponsored by the Society for Women’s Health Research and Verizon. To spread the word about ways to improve health, the campaign includes radio public service announcements (PSAs) featuring Actress Fran Drescher. The PSAs first aired in October 2005 on the “Dr. Laura” show.

A brochure featuring much of the information found on this Web site is also available from the Society. To receive a copy, e-mail the Society at info@womenshealthresearch.org. Spanish radio messages and print brochures are also available.

Fran Drescher Photo

Fran Drescher's voice is
featured in two of the
radio public service announcements (PSAs) for this campaign.

Listen to three important PSAs on exercise, smoking and nutrition that could help you change your life one small step at a time.

Listen to Exercise PSA

Listen to Smoking PSA

Listen to Nutrition PSA


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